Saturday, March 19, 2011


Every city is a conurbation of people, power and capital. The more there are of these elements, the more pulsating. Lagos falls into this category.  Characteristically pulsating, full of energy, suspense and confusion with its almost over 15 million people, Lagos is a mega city just by mere population.

The city’s idiosyncratic infrastructure of roads and bridges form a complex network that makes up the unique quality of Lagos. It grows organically without any form of decent planning, but yet still finds a way to work.

Under Bridge Life represents the divide or the gap in this spatial order. In this society, the lowly navigate through the socio-economic process of life appropriating what the need, leaving trace behind and charting out new paths for themselves.  Thus they create systems of trades, meeting points and places of business.  In this way, they attempt to bridge the gap and make the city work for them; to be counted among the demography of the city of Lagos.

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