Thursday, August 23, 2012


Blur image series of a little street boy in Havana.  
All alone and walking around the street on a warm and humid night.
Uncertainty all around him and lost in his own world, the little boy tries to become, but who?
Fascinated by my camera, he wanted to be photographed.
In search of his persona and what lay behind his big prying eyes,
a hidden personality of warmness and joviality, the blur interplays in 
 a question of identity and the self.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Conventional systems of communication which are not meant t mislead but to educate, direct, inform and instruct the passers-by.

These texts are embedded in bills, posters and hand written advertisements.  They form both the formal and informal modes of urban communication.

The Lagos cityscape is full of these and it’s not uncommon in other African cities, thus giving them their unique outlook.

Lagos is not devoid of such eccentricity/or idiosyncrasy.  As Africa’s fastest growing cosmopolis Lagos is constantly reshaping its commercial geography – leading to the emergence of a novel urban language with dynamic and organic outlook.

They are mostly in street corners, alleys, private residences, shops, churches, electric poles, lintels etc and subconsciously appeal/or attract the attention of the common folk/or the working class.