Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Not always death, but a place of peace.
A shield, not by man but for man.
Like the quietness of a serene river side.
A rest, devoid of intrusion and contamination by mortal conflicts and contradictions.
It's depth, neither too deep nor shallow.
Who can understand it?
A place of equilibrium for the spirit, soul and body... the convergence.
Tranquility can be sort for, but where?
In the space which is the...Mind.
A free mind is the mental workshop for creativity....Good or Evil.
Finding rest in an unknown territory...is searching for safety and stability.
Safety while I rest and stability of the mind because I have someone watching over me.
Transiting across the divide, the place of demarcation, looking for a meeting point where I will off load my burden in an exchange.
In tension, I'm soaked craving to reach the no man's land...the place in between.
Can I find rest now though hesitant of crossing the border into the unknown, knowing my fate?
I can only be an initiate or a transgressor, some kind of alien.
With courage and hope...
God rested on the sevenh day of creation; a type and shadow...so that I can find rest.

-Uche Okpa-Iroha, Lagos - Darkar Road Trip (c) 2010

More Finding Rest photos coming soon....!

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